So here I am!

Greetings if you are joining me for the first time. I have now officially moved my website here from my old blog.

It’s been quite an effort of will to build this site, involving many hours of squinting at code that I barely understand, but here we are.

I feel like there should be more of a fanfare or something, but if you have stuck with me thus far, then thank you so much, and I look forward to you sharing the rest of the journey with me here. Just remember to change your feed readers so they point here, instead of the old place.

If you have no idea what a “feed reader” is, then a) don’t worry and b) google it.

Anyways, here’s another short video of the Urban Art Fair I was at two weekends ago. it gives a good flavour and feel of the event.

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4 Responses to So here I am!

  1. maggi says:

    lovely new website, Mike! Bravo.
    (BTW, I am deeply concerned to see that your Bishop Tee-shirt in liturgical purple only comes in men’s sizing…)

  2. Michael Radcliffe says:

    Hah! Thank you Maggi. 😀

    Yes, I need to re-jig the t-shirt designs a little, although even my puerile side wouldn’t go as far as making women wear bishop-shaped appendages emerging from their lower regions.

    Or would it? Hmmm. 😀

  3. Christine Dießner says:

    Dear Mike,

    I like your new web-site. I like your paintings. Where is your studio?


    Christine x

  4. Hi.. I really like your art works.. I´m from sweden and a artist too. I just whanted to say I lik it. My inglich is so soo bad som I´m not writhing mor now:)

    God luck to you /henrietta

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