Michael L Radcliffe makes paintings that explore contrasts, both in materials, and subject matter.

He is interested in the sacred and the profane, and where true spirituality can be found, which reflects in the work. He usually starts by finding something that interests visually, and then reacting to it in some way, sometimes by adding to it, other times by defacing it. He makes work which forces people to think and question, as well as looking outstandingly beautiful when hung on a wall. He has been selflessly devoted to this work for the best part of 20 years now, and has no intention of stopping. As you would expect from an artist, he does actually work in a garret!

Watch this video of Michael in his sutdio:

(He is the artist-in-residence at a church called St. Matthew’s, Westminster in the middle of London, UK).

You can see him work on his paintings and any images are free for you to download if you wish, provided they are for personal use. (ie. Not directly making money from their use). If you want to actually own one of the original paintings, then contact Big Cartel.

As well as painting, he dabbles in other things, such as poetry, t-shirt design and tinkers with music.