PAX target

This is my next Free Art Friday work that I’m leaving out tomorrow.

The last one was smashed up, and the previous one had bricks hurled at it. I figure that if they’re going to hurl stuff at it, I might as well give them something to aim at. At least they’re not hurling stuff at the cars or each other, and it might help improve their aim.

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2 Responses to PAX target

  1. artbizness says:

    Well, it was put out at 6am on Friday. By the time I got home some 12 hours later, it was smashed into little bits.

    That’s some kind of new record! Normally they last until Monday.

  2. Linda says:

    Bothering to hurl bricks at something requires real considered effort…:) …Well…Crap that it’s the only response, but it’s a response.

    Actually that’s not at all bad… I mean… Mostly if you show your work in a gallery (Erm.. if you’re that “lucky” that is.) never actually hear/get a response – and as for selling stuff…

    (I.e.Don’t lose heart…) /L

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