Beyond Addiction

Hmm.. this is frustrating….

For a while now, I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up an online shop – a central place where you can buy anything I do – and have been working quite hard at making some work to sell for a few days. Simple.. I thought.. Paypal.. no problem..

However, having just posted it all here, a friend has just pointed out that it’s a rather large violation of the Terms & Conditions of


So, I have had to set it up somewhere else at short notice. Better that than a deleted blog, hmm?

“Beyond Addiction” is a new, limited edition work by me. There are ten of them, handmade, each signed and numbered by the artist (that would also be me). The piece is made of cigarettes, pins, card, and emergency keyholder frames. The dimensions are: (h) 119mm x (w) 119mm x (d) 33mm, and come with fixing instructions and a couple of screws and wallplugs.

It’s been crazy precision work with a scalpel for the past few days, and I am cross-eyed, sore of hand, wrist and elbow, as I’ve basically made this work about 3 times more than what I needed to, just to get everything to be perfect. I spent a whole afternoon just trying to get the white card to be the right size to fit in the back of the tray. Another day spent cutting them (I threw about 15 away because they were too ragged). And so on.

Anyway, we’ll see if this works. This is my first attempt at selling artwork online, and I’m quite excited by the thought of people owning a piece of original artwork by me – so it’s a bit of an experiment to see how it goes.

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  1. ponor says:

    Good Luck with this! It’s a good idea – really hope it works for you. Have thought of similar myself. There ought to? … Must be? easy(ier?) ways for small operations to get started with selling online. I’m sure some people are very successful. I would imagine it’s all to do with marketing techniques… As in: marketing in the sense that you can convince your potential audience to part with the hard-earned, etc. I hear of artists in the States and around Scandinavia who have been successful with selling their artwork online; I guess it just depends on which work(s)and what price(s). Anyway, all the best!

  2. artbizness says:

    Yeh, I mean normally the received business wisdom is that you make it easy for people to buy your stuff.

    In this case, I’d like to have a line of buy now buttons right across the top with little images of my work.

    Sending people to a whole other site is not the way to go about it.

    Check out this guy, for example:

  3. ponor says:

    Well…lovely 🙂 (Good for them)…But..really to be honest… Your stuff is miles more interesting…

  4. artbizness says:

    Well, I agree (he said modestly 😀 ), but I mean that it’s interesting in terms of how they sell what they do off their site.

    He spoke to me via Twitter, and we talked about how to get people to part with cash.

  5. ponor says:

    Tell me please :):):) Here’s someone who’s making it happen.. (I was trying to think of his name last time I wrote here but couldn’t remember.. have now had time to go back and find his link for ya… He’s a graphic designer rather than an artist as such.. I believe he’s designed this site and it looks rather well I think 🙂 – I wish I had his site-building abilities anyway… I mean it’s no good doing it yourself if the result looks rubbish 🙁

  6. ponor says:

    I just spotted this after I’d sent that last one …looks interesting.. I must check all this out too 🙂

  7. Nicole says:

    If you need a blog space other than blogspot let me know.
    I still have plenty of room in my traffic.
    I can even give a corner on my webpage, just would have to figure out how it works 😀

  8. Nicole says:

    Or…even easier, if you care you can easily blog it on my Artists Unite blog – follow link above.
    Probably easier & already has a bit of a google ranking.
    No offense when you don’t do it 🙂

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