Guerrilla art

This was too good an opportunity to resist.

I’ve been walking past these breeze blocks for a few days – I go past them on the way to the studio. They’re right outside a homeless hostel, and no-one has claimed them. It looks like they’ve just been dumped there by some builder who had them left over from a job.

I decided to transform them (with a few simple additions from a marker pen) into little characters with their own personalities. They are the Breeze Block Family.

They are still on the street where I found them. Free art again, just not on a Friday.

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4 Responses to Guerrilla art

  1. ramjam says:

    I think that they will have a big impact on people more than the pax stuff because they are so arresting visually, spatially etc. It’s just a shame that the pax stuff took so much longer to do.

    This is a series that I would love to see develop. Heck I might even join you.

  2. artbizness says:

    It’s funny as sculpture is a media I’m not that comfortable. I’ve done about two in my life.

    And in a way, these still are paintings, as I’ve only marked one side of them.

    These do also owe a slight debt to Anthony Gormley’s “Field” if you know it:

  3. Sam Sayer says:

    I love this. Genius. Regardless of any artistic merit (of which undoubtedly there is some) making people smile and brightening up their day is a gift and this has done both for me – bravo.

    Sam x

  4. artbizness says:

    Ah thanks Sam, that’s very nice of you to say so.

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