Arty House Party

So the show is over and been and done and dusted.

It was a definite hit on many levels, and I’m very pleased with how it went.

I gave out 50+ business cards. It was a good party and a fun time was had by all – some 120 people came. They did seem to like the work very much. “Junia” and “Baptism” were particularly commented on. The general feedback that Naz got from the event that it was great art of a high quality, and lots of interested noises – there’s been a real buzz about the whole event, and the idea of a party with art on the walls. A lot of those people would be willing to come to any other shows I’d want to organise, so if nothing else, it has been the best PR. There seemed to be much “We’ll talk. SOON!” from people. We’re going to leave the work there for a week or so.

There have been no sales – yet. Although this is not a gallery art show, and it’s a well known fact that most of the sales are done on the opening night and not after, I remain optimistic. It’s hard to get people to interested at a party – people need time to go away and think about it before they’ll commit to buying anything, which is fair enough. I shall take the favourable comments away and ruminate on them, whilst waiting for the phone to ring. And those people can still get in contact with me through Naz. Or e-mail me on *ahem*

There were some conversations that might have lead somewhere, but something happens when I get put on the spot. My legs turn to jelly, my mind goes blank, and my ability to speak and function like a rational human being, much less the highly focused salesman that I need to be, goes out of the proverbial box-sash window. Like the American Democratic party, I seem to have a phenomenal capacity for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. So it’s probably best that I didn’t get too involved in conversations at the party. I’m all ears now, though. Hehe.

I’ve never done a show in a house before, so I’m really not sure what expectations I should or shouldn’t have for such an event. I’d definitely do one again though, as I suspect that the impact is something that will become apparent afterwards. I’m sure my work will sit in people’s minds to ponder over. It does that.

In the meantime, you can watch the party in full swing on this video:


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3 Responses to Arty House Party

  1. Elsa says:

    Hi Mickael ! Scorpio of 37 (I am scorpio of 32!)
    sorry you did not sell at the party 🙁
    Hope you liked the pics on my blog.
    I really loved the black one upstairs with the below grey and blue bits.
    you can check my collages in the label “collages” on my blog.
    let us know when you have future exhibition !
    nice to meet you
    elsa x

  2. steve collins says:

    my video is here:
    i like yours so much i put it on my blog too!

  3. ponor says:

    Only just spotted this post.. I missed it when I was here last..(Stuuuupid of me 🙂 How’d I do that!)

    I think this is a really great idea. (The mobivideo’s pretty classy too, you’re a natural, I’m sure if I stuck a camara in someone’s face they’d just run for the hills!) I’m not that surprised about the slow sales though.

    I’ve tried putting art in many different settings over the years, and as with this, it’s hard to get people to think about getting around to actually buying stuff:) I dunno quite why this is, apart from the obvious that it’s their hard-earned, etc. I’m still pondering about it myself, because people do genuinely want to have original art in their home environments, and not just art copies and mass produced framed prints. Maybe they find it hard to visualize how a particular piece might look at their place..? Maybe we artists ought to be thinking of ways to make that visualization a bit easier for people..? Ahh blaaa…I dunno mate, it’s hard.

    Anyway…I do think it’s really worth trying every idea at least once…So… Well done to you both and I’m sure that all your hard work WILL help sales/spreading the word in the long run.

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