The Artist’s Studio

My journey to work in the morning:


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9 Responses to The Artist’s Studio

  1. saamvisual says:


    But do they have broadband? Ho ho.

  2. artbizness says:

    Sadly no broadband will penetrate the 6 foot thick walls.

  3. P O N O R says:

    You lucky sod 🙂

  4. maggi says:

    wow… you have two canvasses with diagonal crosses on, in shape at least like a mirror image of one I painted last july… any chance of a close up of work in progress? (Mine is very imperfect, but I think I’m done with trying to improve it.)

  5. artbizness says:

    I think you mean these two:

    I did them quite a while ago actually – they’re made from household paint. I basically masked off the lines with tape, and then poured the paint on very carefully to get that glassy smooth look.

  6. P O N O R says:

    I like the blue one 😉 I like glassy smooth… very much… But I suppose they should be seen as a pair together.

    (Uuuu…sorry about calling you a sod earlier…I dunno what comes over me sometimes. I meant sod as in “earth” not as in “omite”.. it just jumped out when I saw your video.. For it’s a terrific place to work, shame about the thick walls though.. Still at least that means you won’t get totally distracted…I know what I’m talking about I don’t have thick walls:/ )

  7. David Harris says:

    How many hours did it take you to get your breath back Mike?

  8. artbizness says:

    I’m still sweating…

  9. maggi says:

    just for fun, I’ve posted photos of mine on my blog:

    It’s acrylic on canvas. Never started out as a cross at all – it was all red with a smudged almosts-rectangle of blue in the top left hand corner. but it didn’t work, the cross was an added geometric shape to try to save the whole thing from the bin. Then people (who see it on my wall) assumed it was religious, which it isn’t, unless you want it to be. I keep meaning to “finish” it, but I can’t think what to do so I might just varnish and have done with it in it’s imperfecct state

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