Moot Icon Pt. 6

I was going to title this blog post “Loss of Perspective”…

I’ve found it quite difficult to decide where to put the perspective, and tried it about three different ways – first with the centre somewhere in the middle of the table, then in various other places before finally deciding to centre it on the head of the figure in the middle. Which kind of make sense, thinking about it.

Now that’s finally settled, I just have to paint lots of very straight white lines, and frankly I’ve got performance anxiety.

And there was me thinking it was going to be finished within a week…

Still – I’ve photographed it without the overhead lights on this time, which gives you a better sense of how it looks. Nearly there….

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2 Responses to Moot Icon Pt. 6

  1. saamvisual says:

    Yo radders, are you interested in doing a skype-recorded podcast-able-for-school-students interview at some point on art, spirituality and being a christian? The aim would be to try and uncork some genuine enthusiasm for the visual arts while maintaining a firm non-triumphalist foothold on the faith. I went to the gash/crack thing yesterday, so we could start with that and flounder out towards a few of your own favourites…? I am trying to build a decent range of interviews with people who have something to say about things they properly engage with. I make no bones about being slightly ignorant and view-pointless on much of the current art scene, but that is part of the fun of it.

    Wadja theenk?

    Podcast can be found at:
    Mail me:

  2. saamvisual says:

    Hey dood. I have been going a bit crazy with unexpected family, work and location issues (ie moving to worthing…!?). Anyways the next few days are menthol so perhaps sometime next week. It will happen if you are happy.

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