e e cummings

e e cummings

I came across a good poem by e e cummings today.

I’m reading a compilation of his selected poems, and to be honest it’s been heavy going. I like the idea of reading something that is mutilayered, but in his case, it’s possible to have too many options.

As you may have surmised, I wasn’t looking forward to whiling away my journey in his company, but earlier today I read a poem that was so good, it made me feel bad for cussing him on Twitter this morning. I thought I’d share it with you:

hate blows a bubble of despair into
hugeness world system universe and bang
-fear buries a tomorrow under woe
and up comes yesterday most green and young

pleasure and pain are merely surfaces
(one itself showing,itself hiding one)
life’s only true value neither is
love makes the little thickness of the coin

comes here a man would have from madame death
neverless now and without winter spring?
she’ll spin that spirit her own fingers with
and give him nothing(if he should not sing)

how much more than enough for both of us
darling. And if i sing you are my voice,

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  1. ponor says:

    (Great post, and thanks for visiting P O N O R and leaving an encouraging comment there)

    Here’s one of my favourites of mr cummings’ 🙂

    i go to this window

    just as day dissolves
    when it is twilight(and
    looking up in fear

    i see the new moon
    thinner than a hair)

    making me feel
    how myself has been coarse and dull
    compared with you, silently who are
    and cling
    to my mind always

    But now she sharpens and becomes crisper
    until i smile with knowing
    –and all about
    the sprouting largest final air

    inward with hurled
    downward thousands of enormous dreams

    best Linda

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