A Painting-in-progress

I started a painting on graph paper today. Its an idea I’ve had for a while. I like the idea of painting on graph paper. It reminds me of old school maths books from when I was a kid.

I’m painting a saw. The first attempt was ok – just messing around with bright colours and trying to get it accurate, but not too accurate.

Then I realised that although I’ve got this huge piece of graph paper (40cm x 80cm) I’d only used a small part of it bang in the middle. So I started again, this time filling the whole page – and on top of the one I’d already done.

The result is a bit of a mess, quite frankly, but experience has taught me that you shouldn’t give up on these things too quickly, so I’m going to wait for it to dry and then carry on.

I’m think of calling this piece “St. James The Less”

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