Inside the artist’s bag

Inside the artist’s bag on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

People often ask me; “Why do you always carry that bag with you?”

You’ve just gotta have a bag. My whole life is in that bag. Moleskine Notepad contains drawings, thoughts and ideas (“IMAGES AND IDEAS!”), phones, wallet, iPod, glasses, reading matter, cards, colored pens, keys, the lot (plus the camera, which, obviously, I’m using to take the photo, so I can’t show you). If I don’t have anyone of those things, I go into a panic.

So now you know.

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2 Responses to Inside the artist’s bag

  1. sammi says:

    you have been found! thanx so much for letting me in . . . . . .

    and i thot my dave’s murse (manpurse) was loaded! i will never nag again . . . =)

    *i’ve lied about that one before too!*

    stay close,

    sammi =)

  2. artbizness says:

    Nice to see you Sammi 🙂

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