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Just got back from “Luminous” by Brian Eno. Its an art installation in the basement of Selfridges, a department store in London, UK.

I like a bit of Brian Eno every now and then. There’s nothing quite like it. Go and sit in the space and wallow in it. Chill out man. This work comprises of a darkened room with some seating and plenty of standing room. The images are randomly generated (as is the music) and projected up onto the largest wall (I use the term “music” rather than “noise” deliberately. Its a pleasant sound, rather than just white noise).

A couple of things really bugged me though:

1). The speakers buzzed like mad during the entire thing. I think the speakers were having trouble coping with the bass sounds. I wouldn’t have expected a detail like that to have escaped Eno’s attention. Sad really, as it was quite distracting from what is overall a great piece.

2). Is it me, or has Selfridges gone really camp? Almost everyone and everything was covered in glitter, or eyeliner or a mullet. Products and staff. I think this may have been an intentional contrast (on Eno’s part, rather than Selfridges). When I was being dragged around Selfridges by my Mother at the age of 4, it wasn’t that fashionable.

3) Students. Art students. And an art tutor, who bellowed: “MAKE SURE YOUR JOTTING DOWN IMAGES AND IDEAS. IMAGES AND IDEAS.”

I’m glad I’m not at art college any more.

By the way – I found out about this show from Jonny Baker.

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