Breeze Block Family Breeze Block Family

Installation with Breeze blocks. (2008)  Breeze Block Family was a spur-of-the-moment piece of work. The blocks were found abandoned on the street, at the location shown in the photograph, near …

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Man of Sorrows Man of Sorrows

Household paint and Gold leaf on board. (2002)  This is Michael’s signature work, and the piece for which he is most know. Man of Sorrows’ meaning is far-reaching and universal. …

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The Garden The Garden

Acrylic on japanese endpaper. 800 x 210mm (2009) This work marks a small detour from Michael’s normal line of work. He was drawn to the japanese end papers (hand-printed patterned papers …

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Moot Icon Moot Icon

This icon is a commission for Moot, the New Monastic Community based in London, UK. The work is a living religious icon in constant use by the community. A piece …

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Oh God Oh God

Acrylic paint, varnish, marker pen, surveyor’s paint, mud, japanese endpapers on board. (2009) Oh God is another work in the series of paintings featuring Japanese endpapers. Once again, the beautiful …

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A selection of Michael’s Paintings: Conversion 2002 gold leaf and vinyl on board.  Globus Cruciger 2010 Acrylic paint on paper.  Holy Water/Holy Shit  2006 Acrylic paint on found object.  Bound to …

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You can read many of Michael’s poems for free on this blog, while he is working on a future compilation. Michael’s one and only published poem so far is in …

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New Projects

Michael is working on two new projects for 2012. He is currently writing his first novel, provisionally titled “Stones”, due for release later this year. He is also working on …

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Michael L Radcliffe makes paintings that explore contrasts, both in materials, and subject matter. He is interested in the sacred and the profane, and where true spirituality can be found, …

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